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By Angel Dental Care
February 03, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dentures  

Should I Get a Denture? The truth about dentures

Are you living with missing or badly damaged and painful teeth? Are you trying to go about your life without smiling much or eating what denturesyou want? Then it’s time to think about getting your teeth replaced with functional and beautiful new dentures. And the professionals at Angel Dental Care in Catonsville, MD--where your dentures can be fabricated on site in their private dental lab--will offer you all the help and information you need in making your decision.

Why Dentures?

You need a nice smile not only to give you self-esteem and confidence. It also gives you the teeth you need to help chew the foods you want, aiding in digestion and improving your overall health. If you want to improve your looks and your chewing ability, you can get state-of-the-art, natural-looking dentures. Denture options available from your Catonsville dentist at Angel Dental Care include:

  • A conventional denture: a complete set of teeth in an arch that is completed after your tissue has healed from tooth removal. You should be ready for a conventional denture after six to eight weeks.
  • An immediate denture: a temporary denture placed immediately after tooth removal. You don’t have to spend any time without teeth, and then when your tissue heals, a more permanent conventional denture can be made.
  • An overdenture: fits over tooth roots remaining in your mouth. The roots support the new denture. Implants can also be used as support for an overdenture. This type of denture has the advantage of helping to retain the bone in your jaw, which helps to keep the youthful look of your face.
  • A partial denture: an option to replace a few teeth, not an entire arch. Partials are held in place by clasps attached to opposing teeth.

With dentures you will get more enjoyment out of life, be able to smile more, and enjoy eating once again. When you think about dentures, go and see the expert professionals at Angel Dental Care in Catonsville, MD. They will provide you with an affordable, comfortable denture experience, so call today!