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By Angel Dental Care
February 03, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: tooth extractions  

When a tooth is causing you a problem, one logical solution is to simply remove it from the equation. But tooth extraction is a last case scenario that should only be explored when a tooth cannot be healed through treatment, therapy and daily care. If you're a Catonsville area dental patient who is unsure about whether you need tooth extractions, explore these frequently asked questions about this dental procedure.

Why Does a Tooth Have to Be Extracted? 
Extraction is usually necessary when the inner parts of a tooth become decayed and inflamed beyond fixing. A diseased tooth causes intense pain and discomfort that is impossible to ignore. It will become difficult to eat, sleep or even talk. When the tooth is very badly decayed, it becomes a haven for bad bacteria to grow and develop an infection. That infection, if left untreated, can enter the blood stream and cause other problems in the body. If treatment (root canal therapy) can’t eliminate the problem, extraction is the next step.

Your Catonsville dentist might also recommend tooth extractions if your wisdom teeth begin to grow in awkwardly, causing pain, crowding and inflammation.

Will It Hurt? 
Are you worried that getting a tooth extracted will be too painful? Sedation dentistry will ensure that you experience minimal discomfort during the appointment. A topical anesthetic, nitrous oxide or oral medication may be administered depending on your level of dental anxiety.

How Long Will It Take to Heal?
You may wonder if getting a tooth extracted will cause you to have to take many days off from work. The truth is that an extraction can be managed with pain medication, and you will be able to return to work soon after your appointment. The entire healing process takes about six weeks before dental implants, conventional dentures or other tooth replacement options can be explored.

Is an Extraction Necessary?
If you’re in pain, don't give up on your tooth so soon—you may go to the dentist and learn that it can be saved with dental treatment. If not, it can be extracted under sedation with little to no discomfort and replaced in the near future. Dr. M. S. Warshanna provides his Catonsville patients with tooth extractions and many other in-demand dental services. Call his office at (410) 747-0077 to schedule an appointment today.